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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Fireplace Policy

    While we would love for you to be able to use your fireplace, all fireplaces are considered decorative. This is 100% the case in 100% of our homes due to liability issues. 

    If you would like some ideas for how to decorate your fireplace, please check out:

  2. When does leasing season start?

    Valerio tenants are asked to let us know if they will be renewing their leases by January 31st. Until then, their homes will show as "Leased"on our website. Once we know they will not be renewing, the home will become "Available for Fall".  The majority of our leasing occurs in February with a lease start date of August 1st. 

    The leasing season in Athens starts towards the end of January and tapers off in March. Occassionally, we will have a rental that pops up off season due to a life change (job relocation, etc...). In the event this happens we will show the property as available on our website as a featured home. 


  3. What is Valerio's leasing process?

    Once you have decided which property you'd like to lease, you will complete an application. You may do this online or make an appointment to come to the office. Upon acceptance of your application which may include an Equifax credit check and rental history verification, we will review the lease in detail with you before signing. Signing of a lease and payment of the holding/security deposit is required to guarantee a home. If more than one person will occupy the unit, each person must submit an application and sign the lease. All tenants on the lease are jointly and severally responsible for rent and/or damages. It is advisable that all roommates sign the lease at the same time to avoid one person being obligated to the lease contract should another roommate change his/her mind. A sponsor or parental guaranty is required of all students.

    Applications will NOT be processed before $25 application fee is paid at the office

    Applications do NOT reserve properties

  4. Is your website updated daily?

    As real estate is ever changing we cannot guarantee our website is always up to date.  Availability, pricing and policies can change without notice. 


  5. What upgrades are accomplished between tenants?

    We are continually making improvements to our properties and strive to provide a clean and comfortable living environment for our residents. We cannot guarantee specific upgrades at the showing appointment; however, we do a thorough move-out inspection of each unit to determine and accomplish such improvements as may be deemed necessary prior to a new tenant moving in.

  6. Will the unit be fully painted before I move in or may I paint it myself?

    Painting is done as needed which may only require filling of nail holes and touch-ups or repair to damaged walls. The painters we contract with keep a supply of paint for each unit in specific colors and brands. We prefer that tenants not paint as the cost to restore the original paint color would be deducted from a tenant's security deposit. 

  7. Will the carpet be replaced and, if so, may I select a color?

    The determination for carpet replacement is made at the move-out inspection after all furnishings are removed. In many instances, although carpet stains may be visible when you view a unit, steam cleaning and stain treatment between tenants works wonders. Should it be determined that carpeting in one room warrants replacement, we have pre-selected colors for each unit in order to be able to match single room replacements. Should there be unremovable small or faint stains on a carpet that is otherwise in good condition, we may opt not to replace it in which case a new tenant would not be held responsible for such pre-existing damage.

  8. What if I want a second separate phone line?

    We provide at least one working phone line at move-in and will give authorization for tenants to modify these lines; however, tenants are responsible for this expense and are required to restore all jacks to the same common line upon move-out. Tenants are responsible for inside wiring maintenance expenses and encouraged to add this when setting up initial phone service.

  9. Is the unit cable ready and is a satellite dish permitted?

    We provide at least one cable ready outlet. Additional outlets may be installed at tenant's expense with written permission from management. Satellite dishes may also be permitted but management MUST approve the mounting location and any resulting repairs required at move-out will be charged against tenant's security deposit. Satellite dishes may not be mounted to the roof, porch, or house in any way.  Satellite dish yard location must be Valerio approved and may result in tenant being unable to acquire satellite TV. 

  10. How are repair requests handled?

    We enjoy a very good reputation for meeting our tenants' needs in a timely manner. At move-in, tenants are given an inspection sheet to complete and return to us indicating any exceptions to the property. We review these to determine necessary repairs and schedule service calls on a priority basis. The inspection sheet is kept in our tenant file for comparison at move-out. During the lease term, we ask tenants to submit a repair request online during business hours for general repair requests; however, we are also available by pager for after hours plumbing or electrical emergencies. If you have an emergency outside of business hours please call 911 if you feel you are in danger.  If an emergency occurs during office hours please and the office at 706-546-6900. Repairs that go undone usually result from tenants not returning inspection sheets or failure to notify us when a problem arises. We will also review a Repairs Addendum with you at lease signing. 

    If immediate attention is needed outside of regular business hours, please call AND text the emergency number at 706-714-4223.

  11. Is it possible to move in earlier than the lease beginning date?

    The beginning date of your lease is set according to the lease ending date of the previous tenant. This allows us sufficient time to ready the unit for new occupancy. We cannot promise a unit will be available prior to the specified move-in date on your lease.

  12. What happens if I need to move out early?

    Should it become necessary for a tenant to move out prior to the expiration date of the lease and we are immediately advised of the situation, we will be happy to offer the unit as available. However, any existing vacancies will take first priority. Tenants are responsible for payment of rent and utilities until the new tenant takes over or until the end of the lease term, whichever occurs first. Tenant will pay a termination fee, cleaning fee, and also be responsible for any damages during tenancy. We encourage tenants to advertise and show the unit on their own. Further explanation can be found in our lease agreement. 

  13. May I have a pet?

    Not without our written consent and payment of a nonrefundable pet fee and your agreement to maintain the pet on a vet approved flea prevention program such as Frontline or Advance. Pet policies are strictly enforced. Any animal, even visiting pets, that are not approved can result in tenant losing their full security deposit. 

  14. How are move-outs and securty deposit refunds handled after move-out?

    Move out inspections are held after all tenants' belongings are removed and the unit has been cleaned. We compare the condition of the unit against your move-in inspection sheet to determine any chargeable expenses for painting, cleaning, or repairs to be deducted from your deposit. Any outstanding rent, late fees or other charges against your account are also deducted from the security deposit. The remaining balance is then mailed out within 30 days of the lease expiration date. Checks are made payable to the person(s) who initially paid the deposit.


Preservation Award for Outstanding Rehabilitation


Preservation Award for Outstanding Community Revitalization in the Boulevard and Cobbham Historic Districts

Award-Winning Historic Preservation

Valerio Properties has been recognized for our commitment to the preservation of the walkable, historic Athens neighborhoods where our tenants live.